LARGE Vegetable Planter 5-Pack (Black)

LARGE Vegetable Planter 5-Pack (Black)

Product no.: 470
$59.95 / Kit(s)


A Simple Space Saving Garden Solution: Plant & Stack

Grow More Healthy Organic Fruits/Veggies/Flowers @ Home (Strawberries, Tomatoes, Peppers, Herbs, Greens, Green Beans, Beets...)

Smart & Efficient: Watering The Top Pot Will Self Water The Tiers Below. Take Care Of 20 Plants By Watering 1 Pot

Mr Stacky Proudly Made In The USA - Food Safe - UV Protected

(5) Large Heavy Duty 18 Inch Diameter Stackable Planters - 16"x16"x38" - 64 Quart


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All-In-One Liquid Plant Food All-In-One Liquid Plant Food
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