Azomite (44 lb bag)

Azomite (44 lb bag)

Product no.: 458
$35.00 / 44 pound(s)


AZOMITE® is a uniquely natural material, mined in Central Utah, USA. ​An estimated 30 million years ago, a volcanic eruption filled a nearby seabed. The unique combination of seawater, fed by rivers rich in minerals and rare earth elements present in the volcanic ash created the composition known as the AZOMITE® mineral deposit. 

For over seventy years, crop producers have used AZOMITE® to support plant growth and vitality. AZOMITE® requires no mixing. It is odorless, will not burn plants and will not restrict aeration or water penetration. AZOMITE® is not manufactured or chemically prepared. It is 100% naturally-derived and is completely free from additives, synthetics or fillers.

AZOMITE® is listed by the prestigious Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in certified organic production.


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